Hello, and welcome to SQUUSHED! We love creativity and the art of transforming ideas into tangible forms. We're delighted to have you.

Our Story


SQUUSHED was born in 2024 from a simple concept: the joy of bringing ideas to life. We revel in the process of seeing a thought, a spark of inspiration, transform into something real and tangible.


At SQUUSHED, we see creativity as a wonderful act of 'squushing' different elements together. It can come from anywhere and anyone - it's not just about picking up a pencil or a brush. Creativity is a blend of various elements: a mash-up of techniques, concepts, colours, environments, and seemingly contrasting ideas.

This very process of merging the unexpected gives rise to new forms of beauty and innovation. More than that, it's about embracing the unexpected, the playfulness, and sometimes, the mess that comes with creation.

Our business name isn't just a word – it's our guiding principle. SQUUSHED is a celebration of the power of combining the unexpected, the joy of seeing new and exciting connections emerge, and, most importantly, embracing the adventure of creation.


We've set ourselves three main goals:

  1. To create custom designs for apparel, homewares, and various printed items. Our designs bring a splash of joy and can spark interesting conversations.
  2. To offer prints of original artwork that add an artistic touch to any home, transforming it into a personal gallery.
  3. To produce user-friendly tutorials and downloadable guides. We aim to make crafting accessible and enjoyable, sparking creativity even in those who might be new to it.

In essence, SQUUSHED is about celebrating the power and joy of creativity.


Location: Kildare, Ireland
Email: info@squushed.com