Welcome to our craft guide and project levelling system. This system is tailored for crafters at all levels of expertise. It categorises our resources into distinct levels—from beginner to advanced—ensuring you can easily find projects that match your skills and goals.

Explore guides and project levels to identify the perfect projects for your current abilities and to challenge your growth. 

Beginner (Level 1)

  • Who: Absolute beginners or those with minimal exposure to the craft, including individuals who may not be familiar with the basic terms or tools associated with the craft.
  • Expectations: No practical experience is required. Users at this level are introduced to the very basics of the craft, including fundamental techniques, terminology, and the use of standard equipment.
  • Sample Projects: Simple projects that require minimal tools and materials designed to teach basic techniques and build confidence. Ready to embark on your crafting journey? Explore our Level 1 guides and projects to start building your skills.
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Novice (Level 2)

  • Who: Individuals with some exposure to the craft, such as having watched instructional videos or having attempted introductory projects.
  • Expectations: Users have a basic understanding of the craft's terminology and have perhaps tried one or two simple projects. This level focuses on expanding foundational skills and introducing more varied techniques.
  • Sample Projects: Projects that build on basic skills, introducing slightly more complex techniques and a broader range of materials. Expand your crafting repertoire! Dive into our Level 2 guides and projects to explore new techniques and bring your creative ideas to life.
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Intermediate (Level 3)

  • Who: Crafters with a good grasp of basic techniques who have completed several projects and are looking to expand their skills further and tackle more complex projects.
  • Expectations: Users at this level are comfortable with the craft's basic techniques and terminology. They seek to deepen their understanding of the craft, learn new techniques, and start integrating their projects with more creativity and complexity.
  • Sample Projects: Projects that challenge users to apply various techniques, incorporate more detailed work, and blend different skills or materials. Take your crafting to the next level. Browse our Level 3 guides and projects to deepen your skills and tackle more challenging projects.
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Advanced (Level 4)

  • Who: Experienced individuals with a comprehensive understanding of the craft, possibly with professional experience or extensive hobbyist practice.
  • Expectations: Users have mastered many techniques and can accomplish complex projects precisely. They seek challenges that require high skill levels, creativity, and problem-solving.
  • Sample Projects: Projects that require advanced skills, patience, and creativity. They may introduce innovative techniques or materials and often produce professional-quality outcomes. Master your craft. Explore our Level 4 guides and projects for advanced techniques and complex projects that will refine your skills and inspire your creativity.
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